dinsdag 29 november 2011

Grid Parity: Will We Run to the Shop?

Pat: “Did you hear the news today?”
Pete: “What news? You mean the neighbours' dog's pregnant?”
Pat: “No, darling, the news said grid parity's been reached.”
Pete: “Grid what? You mean they finally fixed the grid and got everybody connected? It's about time. I don't even know who lives at the end of our street. But on the other hand, having seen some of them, I don't even want to be connected.”
Pat: “No, darling. Maybe it's time you got connected to some of the new developments going on in the world instead of just watching football. For instance, I have my own followers now.”
Pete: “You mean that Scarface from across the street is chasing you again? Let's send our crazy cat to his garden!”
Pat: “No, honey, followers on Twitter. But that's something else. I'd better not even try to explain to you about people sending me messages... What I mean is new developments in the area of renewable energy. Particularly solar energy.”
Pete: “Solar energy in our country? You must be kidding! Every time I go to the football stadium I'm in my raincoat. And on top of getting soaking wet, most of the games are terrible anyway. And they invested all these sunny oil dollars in our team.”
Pat: “Honey, what I mean with grid parity is that the cost of solar energy is the same as we pay for our electricity right now.”
Pete: “Invest in solar? You must be kidding. I'd rather start with an investment for a bigger fridge, so we can cool more beers if my friends come over.”
Pat: “Darling, I think it's a great idea to produce green electricity from our own roof and still not pay more than the neighbours.”
Pete: “Yes, sure - fun! And every cloud will cut off the electricity so I miss the replay of the best goals - although lately those are the opponents' anyway, with all those well-overpaid foreign defenders from sunny countries...”
Pat: “Darling, really, you should follow the news some more. A grid-connected system means you won’t even notice where the electricity is coming from - the roof or the grid.”
Pete: “Great, so we invest and don’t even notice the difference?”
Pat: “Yes, but it will be green electricity. I think we should contribute to making the world a little greener.”
Pete: “Greener? I already agreed to eat a green salad with you every week. My lads say my hair's looking more green than grey. And you want to invest our little savings in this solar energy thing?”
Pat: “Yes, for only €5000 we can produce almost all our energy from the sun. And if you started by watching less football matches on TV - the ones you've already seen in the stadium anyway - we might even manage to produce our entire electricity consumption from our own roof.”
Pete: “And then save what?”
Pat: “Well, nothing at the beginning. But with electricity prices going up, we'll be saving money in a few years.” 

Pete: “Who says electricity prices will go up? Politicians? Huh, they promise too much anyway... So, to show you I'm not as negative as you think I am, let me try to understand you... You are intending to mount some ugly green energy panels on our precious nice grey roof to produce solar electricity, and in the next 15 years we might be able to save €30 per year if this solar stuff is €0,01 cheaper per kilowatt-something than what we currently pay to these utility thieves? And for this great news we only have to pay €5000...? We'd be better off growing green salad on our roof to save money! I should have known this green salad would affect your brain...”
Pat: “Darling, now you're exaggerating a little. We can contribute to a better world and save some money in the next 15 years. Don’t you think that's a nice thought?”
Pete: “Let’s keep it as a thought. I think we'd better wait till we can actually make some real money with these green hobbies of yours...”

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